Oct 2013

Good News - Evolution MS accepted

Good news, for Dr. Martin Lind and for the Lab (Kylie Yarlett, Julia Reger, Mauricio Carter and me). Martin’s Evolution MS, "Can plasticity aid diversification? Testing the alignment between plasticity, Gmax and the predicted response to predator-specific selection in Daphnia pulex” has been accepted pending a few more improvements and super constructive suggestions from the AE and referees.

In particular, I’d like to share the best comment I’ve had from an AE in ages:

"Despite my skepticism, I think there are stronger results here that the authors do not emphasize as much (the mis-aligned plasticity) that are equally important, and, frankly, this is the most interesting manuscript I’ve seen in the past year."

Well done Martin! Good AND interesting science. And a team effort getting the data and crafting the analysis to address some very interesting questions.

Back in Valdivia, Chile

Andrew is back in Valdivia, Chile at el Instituto de Ambientales y Evolutivas, Universidad Austral. He is finishing up some projects there, teaching a session on phenotypic plasticity to UG and PG students, and running an R course on GLM and GLMM modelling. He is also giving a plenary address at the SOCECOL International meeting of south american ecologists. That’s going to be killer.

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- Currently on Sabbatical in Valdivia, Chile
- We welcome back, Dr. Stuart Dennis, for yet another year….
- Massive New Paper with Matt Robinson: Quantifying multivariate plasticity: genetic variation in resource acquisition drives plasticity in resource allocation to components of life history.
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- I’ve joined Allen Moore as
Editor in Chief of Ecology and Evolution
Getting Started with R published by OUP now available and selling like hotcakes!