Nov 2013

Two PhD Positions Available

Two Studentships (PhD) are available, starting in 2014. They are both part of the newly funded ACCE programme for Doctoral Training linking Sheffield with Liverpool and York University.


Adaptation under Climate Change: Coping with Predation and Variation in Food (Links to Bigger Description)

is hosted here at Sheffield with me, and co-supervised by Dr. Stewart Plaistow at Liverpool. This project will combine physiology, ecology and evolution to tackle the important question about how adaptation to climate change works under realistic ecological conditions where food and predation are important. Also part of the project are Dr. David Atkinson at Liverpool and Dr. Dylan Childs at Sheffield.

Contact me directly about this one, for now.

The SECOND is hosted at Liverpool University focusing on Parasites and Food Web Complexity and Structure. This is a good project for a mathematically minded individual. The lead PI is Dr. Andrew Fenton, at Liverpool. It includes me, Dr. Owen Petchey in Zurich and Dr. Kieren Sharkey at Liverpool.

Mathematical modelling of the community context of host-parasite interactions

This links to the findaPhD page for application and enquiry.

Ecology and Evolution

I am in NYC today and tomorrow for a meeting with Wiley-Blackwell and our team of crack helpers for Ecology and Evolution. Co-Editor-in-Chief Allen Moore, our Scholar One team of Kristin Greaney, Kristen McNealey, and the venerable Liz Ferguson. What a team. We’ll be discussing our open access journal, our great AE board and how to make the journal even better.

Leaving Valdivia, Again

Andrew is heading back to the UK, via the US tomorrow. After 4 more weeks in Chile, he is academically invigorated and totally, socially smashed. After 4 days at the SOCECOL bi-national ecology meeting in Puerto Varas, Chile, he needs a break. Man, can they party here. Oh, yes there was great science too.

I had the pleasure of meeting
Mike Travisano from Univ. Minnesota, working on some amazing questions about the evolution of multi-celluarity. Names to faces game points earned by meeting Pablo Inchausti and Sergio Navarrete as well as seeing top science from friends and friends of friends in Chile... Bernardo Broitman, Pilar Haye and Marco Lardies. Not to mention spending time with fellow plenary giver Kevin Gaston, 2.5k km from home as I am.

Off to NYC (OK, Hoboken) to meet with the venerable
Allen Moore and our sage guide Liz Ferguson (Video Link! about Open Access) from Wiley Blackwell and keep the inertia with Ecology and Evolution flowing.