Feb 2014

Conference Run Result

That run of conferences has led to a budding collaboration with Alan Bergland, working in the Petrov Lab at Standford. He’s one of the authors of the LDx programme which allows LD to be estimated on pooled DNA samples, has some great eco-genomics experience, has a very cool paper in Genetics from 2008, and a chapter in one of my favourite academic books, Flatt and Heyland’s Mechanisms of Life History Evolution. Among other great work.

Remember that Evolution MS that was all but accepted?

Well, now its rejected. In one of the worst experiences as an author I’ve ever had, a paper that was provisionally accepted pending minor revisions is now rejected. All because the AE (I shall refrain from naming the person who works on daphnia on the AE board of Evolution) and the Handling Editor couldn’t fathom working with us (or it appears, with each other) after having submitted us to further external review after provisional acceptance. Oh well, what a waste of the referee communities time.

It will be a better paper because of them, but they won’t have it.