Leaving Valdivia, Again

Andrew is heading back to the UK, via the US tomorrow. After 4 more weeks in Chile, he is academically invigorated and totally, socially smashed. After 4 days at the SOCECOL bi-national ecology meeting in Puerto Varas, Chile, he needs a break. Man, can they party here. Oh, yes there was great science too.

I had the pleasure of meeting
Mike Travisano from Univ. Minnesota, working on some amazing questions about the evolution of multi-celluarity. Names to faces game points earned by meeting Pablo Inchausti and Sergio Navarrete as well as seeing top science from friends and friends of friends in Chile... Bernardo Broitman, Pilar Haye and Marco Lardies. Not to mention spending time with fellow plenary giver Kevin Gaston, 2.5k km from home as I am.

Off to NYC (OK, Hoboken) to meet with the venerable
Allen Moore and our sage guide Liz Ferguson (Video Link! about Open Access) from Wiley Blackwell and keep the inertia with Ecology and Evolution flowing.