Winter 2017 Update

New edition of Getting Started with R Available now!

PhD students: Nella Roccuzzo is digging deep into mechanisms of algae flocculation (aggregation).

Shlair is getting at understanding digestive physiology leading to metal effects on life history.

Erika (co-supervised D. Childs) is building a rotifer chemostat!

Tamora (co-supervised D. Childs) is making bird models of divorce.

Nada (co-supervised K. Evans) has returned with loads of data on fireflies in Malaysia, including a new species!

We exported Dörthe Becker to the USA, to work with Alan Bergland

Great cohort of masters students working on candidate genes, water hardness and metals and predation.

Very Pleased for Martin Lind's paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society

Mohammad Ali Passes Viva with Minor Corrections. Celebration ensues with AMAZing Kurdistani Food

General Winter News Redux (Log of Main Page news)

Tim Farkas is now Dr. Farkas....(main supervisor Nosil); Dörthe Becker is making great progress in the Daphnia lab with a massive response surface involving predation; Mohammad Ali continues finalising data analyses on the effects of salinity on larval fish growth; Andrew and Alan Bergland at Stanford are finishing genomic analyses of 8 daphnia populations with exciting results; Shlair Sadiq has started as a PhD student focusing on Bacteria, Algae and Daphnia interactions; Nada Badruddin has started a joint PhD working on conservation in Malaysia; Nella Ruccozzo (joint with Jags Pandhal) has started a PhD on engineering ecological communities.

And Andrew, Owen and Dylan have submitted their proposal for the 2nd edition of Getting Started with R.

Tim Farkas Viva Success

Well done Tim. Co-supervised by me with main supervisor Patrik Nosil. Tim survived the grilling by the venerable Luc deMeester, watched over by the ever clever Dylan Childs. Tim is off to UConn to Post-Doc with Mark Urban.