We study the evolution and ecology of phenotypic plasticity, algae and ecosystem function, parrot conservation and the role of foraging behaviour in the structure and complexity of food webs. We use Daphnia, many algae species, the Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrots and Food Webs for our Research.

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Phenotypic Plasticity
We study the local adaptation of plasticity in real ponds and in daphnia and algae. We explore the genes that underpin plasticity and local adaptation. We work with predators and with metals. We work in algae biotechnology too.

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Parrot Conservation
We study the demography of parrots. We link this to socioeconomic constraints and trade-offs in conservation management. We build models.

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We work with R. Owen Petchey and Dylan Childs, my colleagues, and I write books and teach courses about using R. R is good.

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Food Webs
We explore the structure and complexity of food webs. We use optimal foraging theory to define the rules linking predators and prey. This is network biology.

The Summer 2017
New edition of Getting Started with R Available now!

PhD students: Nella Roccuzzo is finishing her thesis on aggregation/flocculation in algae. Shlair Sadeq is has completed new experiments manipulating the microbiome under Cu and Predation Risk. Erika Hansson (co-supervised D. Childs) is using her algae- rotifer chemostat with herbicide resistance! Tamora James (co-supervised D. Childs) is finalising bird models of divorce and imputing missing demographic data based on phylogeny. Nada Badruddin (co-supervised K. Evans) is becoming a power user of iNEXT exploring firefly species richness!

MRes students Catriona Jones and Richard Lloyd Mills are finishing their projects while MBiolSci students Sam Paplauskas and Tom Clegg graduated. All have publishable work!
Grant News
Andrew is a co-investigator with Roger Butlin (PI) and Rhonda Snook on a recently funded NERC grant: Experimental adaptation and speciation in rotifers

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